How to sort songs by number and track name on USB?

Hello, I have mp3 tag for mac and I wanted to know how to do this? It's that I did it a long time ago but I don't remember how I did it. in the mp3 tag program, manually order the songs in the order in which I want them to sound on my usb in the car, my question is how I have to do so that the number of the songs appears in that order and that they remain labeled like this; 01 - shakira - monotony? if you can help me please. THANK YOU
I attach an image so you can see how I have it

Could someone upload a video mini-tutorial of where to select in the program to do this? is that if it is seen it is better to do it

Try Convert>Tag-Filename
Format string: %title%
(do this preferably only on the USB stick so that you keep the original filenames)

Thanks could you upload a video of little time where the program was seen and where you have to give to do it?so you can see it clearly?thanks

I can't show you a video that modifies your filenames as I don't have the same files.

And if it boils down to the function, then I would kindly aks you to have a look at the documentation:

Here are some steps I'd perform to have the files renamed as desired:

1. Fill in missing information

Now fill in manually the missing information for the two tracks at the top (01... and 02...).

Also make sure that all files have the Artist (Interpréte) field filled in. If they don't please let me know before you proceed.

2. Remove track number from title

I'd first remove the number from the Title (Título) field by using a quick action Actions → Quick Actions → Import Tag Field (Acciones → Acciones Rapidas → Importart campos de etiqueta) with

Source Format (Formato de la fuente): %title%
Format (Formato): %dummy% - %title%

For example, track 4 should now show El Tonto and not 04 - El Tonto.

3. Reorder the files manually

Hold down the option key ⌥ and move the files in the desired order.

4. Rename the files

Now rename the files using Convert → Tag - Filename (Convertír → Etiqueta a nombre de archivo) with Format (Formato)

$num(%_counter%,2) - %artist% - %title%

Thank you could upload a video where you saw these 40 steps? Because I have doubts in the last one and I would like to see everything

Please really make sure the Artist is filled in. If not, you'd loose the artist information after renaming.

Here is a short video exemplifying the 4 steps outlined above:

No se ve el video puedes arreglarlo?

Here is a direct link to the video. It's an MP4 file which you can view with QuickTime on your Mac.