How to specify description for WWW (id3: WXXX) tag

The way I understand the ID3 specs, WXXX tags are different from the other URL link frames in that they can or should have a description in addition to their value. How can I enter that description with Mp3tag?

The reason I'm asking is that I'm trying to convice the authors of the Logitech Media Server (which I use to serve my MP3 collection) and Material (a LMS plugin which I use to access my collection) to present ID3 URL link frames in a "clickable" fashion. In my initial test, WXXX tags didn't show up in the UI at all. Then I learned that WPUB tags do show up, though. My guess is that the missing descriptions of my WXXX tags might have caused this, because the descriptions would have been used as the tags' names in the UI.

If you look at this list of Mp3tag supported tags

WXXX is listed as

So you can add the tag WWW pressing ALT + T (View -> Extended Tags) for your file like this:

This will be saved into your file like this:

using the write encoding ID3v2.3 UTF-16

I'm not sure how the parts «Description» and «URL» with the mentioned divider $00 will be handled:

Thanks for your instructions. I have managed to enter a URL for the WXXX tag. But how can I enter a description in addition to the URL? Could it be that the Mp3tag user interface is missing a special dialog for this two-value tag?

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You can try WWW DESCRIPTION as field name via the extended tag dialog. It then uses the DESCRIPTION part as description for the WXXX frame.

@maf Can you please tell us, if this works for you in LMS?


saved into a (otherwise empty/not tagged) mp3 as:

I'm not sure I understand how the instructions a meant.

My first attempt: I entered a URL for the field name WWW and a single word for the field name WWW DESCRIPTION. I can see both in the Mp3tag metadata dialog. According to mp3diag, the file has two WXXX tags. In the LMS user interface and in Material, I see a field name DESCRIPTION with the word as its value, but no URL.

My second attempt: I entered a one word description followed by a space followed by the URL for the field name WWW. I can the the result in the Mp3tag metadata dialog. According to mp3diag, the file has one WXXX tag. Neither in the LMS user interface nor in Material can I see the WXXX tag.

As I understand the ID3 spec, there should be only one WXXX tag in my file with a value that combines the URL and the description. Also, according to the spec, it should be possible to have multiple WXXX tags in a file as long as they have different description. So I guess the first attempt is not what I'm supposed to do, but the second attempt fail because description and URL are note separated by a null character (or whatever might be required).

Please try it this way:

You can enter whatever you like as description text after the 3 Letters WWW.
Then - as separate value - not as directly following text after the description, enter the URL.

Maybe this makes it more understandable:

which results in

if you use ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 encoding


Ok, now I got it. Thanks.

I can see both description and URL of my newly created WWW tag in the LMS 8.3.0 user interface and with Material 3.0.2. It is hidden deep in the menu structure and the link is not clickable yet, but I hope that will change.

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Thank you for your feedback. Good to know that WXXX tags in LMS and Material work this way.

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