How to start Windows Media Player (WMP) in mini mode?

I often want to listen to songs before I discard the duplicate so I rightclick and select PLAY which launches WMP. This quickly becomes annoying since it opens in FULL screen and I have to keep minimising WMP to get back to MP3tag.

Does anyone know how WMP can be launched in "mini player mode" from MP3tag since this would be perfect as it would just show some buttons on the taskbar?

BTW I've already tried the WMP\Tools\Options\Player\Start the mini player for file names that contain *.mp3 but this doesn't work.


I know this isn't an ideal solution, but why not use a different media player while you are editing tags, for example winamp, which you can set to start up as a small window or a small sidebar or even a small toolbar which you can dock to the top of your screen?

Edit: I've just had a look through the windows media player settings and there doesnt seem to be the option of that. What you could do though is keep WMP open and have it show the buttons on the taskbar by activating it by rightclicking on the taskbar, go to toolbars and make sure windows media player is checked. That way if WMP stays open it wont get in your way.

  1. Thanks for suggestion however I am reluctant to install & learn more sware than I need to but it is an option.

  2. Yes the option is there... I'm using WMP11 so perhaps you have an older version.

  3. Had already enabled the taskbar option but this doesn't solve the prob since when you rightclick and select Play WMP open in full screen mode whereas I just want to quickly hear a snippet and stay within the MPP3Tag interface so I can move onto the next song.

Thanks for your suggestions