How to switch Artist firstname/lastname?

Is it possible to use an Action to switch an artist's first name and last name? In other words, if an artist's name is listed as Mike Jones, switch it to Jones, Mike? On a single artist album it's not so hard to retype the name and apply it to all tracks, but on compilation albums it becomes a little tedious. Thanks!

I should mention that I found a suggestion for this by areve in the pinned regex thread. The expression is:

Regular Expression: ^(.+)\s(.+)$
Replace with: $2, $1

But, this doesn't appear to do anything. :frowning:

How did you apply it?


:flushed: Well, I'm not sure, but however I did it, it must have been wrong. I deleted the expression group and re-entered a new one and now it works! Thanks for the clue! :smiley: