How to sync the lists of tracks during an album search?


First of all sorry if my question is not very clear.

I would like to know if there is a reliable way to not deceive me when I scrap pieces of music belonging to isolated large collection. (In my case a dozen tracks from an album of over 200 tracks)

As there is no reference point in the window, no way to properly identify me in the columns. can we link the two scrolling windows where to add a column with line numbers?

Example (titles are not in order but this is just to illustrate):

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hmm, is it possible to resize the entire dialog window, in order to get horizontal scroll bars in both of the two list view windows?


I'm not sure I understand but I can say that my only option is to change the size of the main window.



Hmm, maybe I do misunderstand the situation.
The left "Title" list box has a column with numbered tracks.
All columns are sortable.
In the right list box one or more selected list entries can be dragged up or down using the primary mouse button.
Can this help?


As we can see in the screenshots, I moved songs 50-60 lines down. The main problem is that, unless you have a twenty or thirty tracks which allows easy sorting, it is impossible to precisely locate which line it is except the count and hoping not not skip one ...

As in my case I do not have all the tracks on the album, I have no referential. If the display is split in a program like Excel, you can always know where you are thanks to the line numbers (example image, I can easily move C1 to C30 even if all the boxes are clear).

I hope I make myself clear.

Yes I understand the problem ... but ... because the left list box offers three items for comparing (track number, title, duration) it should be feasable to find a matching track in the right list box.
Yes, it seems to impossible to match the rows between left and right box, when the tracks in the right box have no names.
In this case, it would make sense to use a tagger tool which has audio detection, for example Musicbrainz Picard in conjunction with the Acoustid system (fpcalc.exe).


no name or a bad name (bad syntax or unnecessary information).

I had hoped not to have to go through a tier but good software ... I'll see the side of Picard.

It is a shame that such a simple option that the binding of two scrolls, or simply marks lines are not available in the software.

Yes, you are right, it should be not so much effort for the programmer to bind the [Ctrl] key to the scrolling function in order to get the rows from both list boxes in sync.