How To Tag A Bunch of Mp3s

I have this project where I want to retag all of my albums properly, and I'm new to mp3tag so I had some questions.

First off I want nothing but legit info. Which I'm assuming the program does because when I played with it, Mp3tag got the info for me and asked which album I wanted to use out of the two (which were the same minus the record label name). I want to remove all BS such as comments and even genre. This I couldn't find out how to do. I just want the artist, title, album, year. Also, must have album art if possible.

This is how I want the actual filenames to look (these will be in a folder with the album name):

track num - song title.

Which I found out how to do. Fantastic. Moving on.

I want each album in it's own folder too with the album name.

-Album title
-list of songs

Fairly easy, right? But I have a ton of mp3s to do, and I wanted to get as much knowledge before I jump head first in. I've got well over 3k mp3s just in this batch alone.

I assume that all your tags have already been filled.
If not, do that first.

navigate with mp3tag to the top most folder of the files you want to rename.

I think that it is state-of-the-art to arrange your collection it with the menu function tag-filename.
enter a mask that includes backslashes to separate the folders.
the mask you enter will probably look like this:

%artist%\%album%\%track% - %title%
alö the selected files will be renamed to directory structure relative to the currently opened directory by MP3tag

Load all of your tracks into Mp3tag, select all of them (Ctrl-A), right-click > Extended Tags, select any tags other than artist, title, track, album and year, click the red X (delete) and hit OK.

It will delete all the extra tags for all of the tracks. Just be careful, try it out on a small number of tracks first.