How to Tag different songs from different artists? Is it possiible?

I Would like to know if its possible to edit tags from different songs from different artist that are in a same folder. to tag one by one is very slow,

Usually, MP3tag does not convert any files.

The location for files is not important.
If you want to apply the same data to several files, then select them all and enter the data in the tag panel, press Ctrl-S to save the changes.

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Yeah. is not about to convert files but to write tags in more than 1 song at same time. I have 200 songs to edit the tags but to make it one by one will spend lot of time.

Just load your 200 songs into Mp3tag. Then select them all with CTRL + A and enter - for example - the ALBUM name in the left side tag panel.
This assumes, that all your 200 songs are from the same album and not from 20 different albums.

If you click on the save icon, this entered ALBUM name will be saved identically to all selected songs.

Obviously this is not useful for TITLE or TRACK (number) which are different for every track.

Or do you expect that Mp3tag guess the values for every track, maybe derivated from the filename?

Is there anything in the file name or other data of each file that can be used to drive this? Your post title mentions different songs by different artists in one folder, but do they share an album name, or have any other info somewhere to start with?

It's lot of songs from different artist. A compilation.

Would be nice. But just asked because i Thought it could be done.

No. It's a compilation from many artists from a playlist i'm doing. So i'm doing song by song.

If there is no artist info in the filename, or anywhere else, you are pretty much doing them one at a time yourself. There is no secret sauce that mp3tag can apply if there is nothing else to go on.

sent you an image from my files.

I think you can import ARTIST and TITLE from the filename:
Mask: %artist% - %title%

The you select all files and enter "Various Artists" in ALBUMARTIST in the tag panel and save the modification.

Yes this exactly. With the required info that is in the filename, you should be good to go!