How to tag YEAR and ORIGYEAR fields

Hi all

What is the common way to tag the YEAR and the ORIGYEAR field for remastered or reissued albums?

In therory it is clear to fill the release year into YEAR and the original release year into ORIGYEAR field. But it seems to me that the ORIGYEAR is not widley supported by players and music databases like DISCOGS or MUSICBRAINZ.

Would the better approach be to omit the ORIGYEAR field and just fill the original release year into YEAR field and remark the release year in the album title like "Album (2019 Remaster)"?

Or are there better solutions?

There is no standard way. But as you say:

So, what could be the intention to not show the release year of an album but the year of a track on the album?
Foobar2000 is a player that allows you to define the displayed fields. So I would not adapt and hence corrupt my data due to the short comings of some other players but keep it clean and accurate.

I agree. For MP3 files that is not a problem because those tags are well defined (TYER/TORY).

But for FLAC files due the lack of a proper standard different tags are used for these kind of information (I use DATE/ORIGINALDATE). Depending on the player I have to add redunant tags to display the information correctly.

E.g I use MUSICBEE. In order to display the original release year I have to add the tag ORIGYEAR to FLAC files even though I have already stored that information in the tag ORIGINALDATE.

But I guess that can not be avoided as long as there is no proper standard for FLAC files.

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As your using Musicbee, instead of adding ORIGYEAR to your files, setup a new Custom tag in MB itself:

Thank you for your hint. That is an elegant way solving my issue with the duplicated fields. I was not aware of that function in MusicBee.