How to transfer iTunes Ratings and comments?

Newbie question(s) here and would appreciate the help...

I see from viewing MP3 files in my Vista Explorer that iTunes has somehow tagged the ratings to each file, but it's been inconsistent (some not there). Trying to show them in a Ratings column using %rating mpv% does work not unless I change the rating in the explorer (not in iTunes). I would like to do this to embed the rating and use it as a back up in case my iTunes Library tanks.

Is their a way for me to read the iTunes ratings for each file to formally register them into %rating wmp%?

I also would like to refresh my iTunes Comments into the Comments tag. Again, it is spotty at best, and not fully in synch with the iTunes description. This is actually where I have the iTunes ratings listed as text.


OK, perhaps I can ask for some help in another way... :slight_smile:

I would like to export a listing of files that I can load into iTunes as a playlist. With that, I can convert the iTunes data into ID3v2.3 tags and lock in my iTunes info, like comments, year, etc.

I've highlighted about 1200 files that are missing comments in the ID3 field but shows comments in iTunes. I've tried to export them into a txt file, but apparently the format is not readable as an iTunes playlist. If I export the M3u playlist and import it to iTunes it does the opposite of what I want and modifies my iTunes library (D'oh!). If I export as a .csv file can I load that into iTunes and not modify file names? (I'm getting tired of fixing my blunders!)

Am I missing something as a command, or has anyone else done this? I know I can do a complete ID3 convert for all files in iTunes, but I'd like to do this periodically and not globally affect unmodified files. Learning the hard way that modding tags outside of iTunes is dangerous so I want to keep my tagging changes inside the iTunes program also.


when did iTunes ever write ratings to files?

afaik, they were always in a DB only, but I could easily be wrong b/c I don't really use iTunes much.

and what is %rating mpv% a reference to?