How To Transfer Mp3tag CD Metadata To Exact Audio Copy (EAC)

I am re-ripping numerous CD's with Exact Audio Copy (EAC) to another format. The metadata for these is unavailable at the usual online sources, but I do still have it available from the previous rip, and I can open it in Mp3tag.

How can I easily transfer the complete album metadata from Mp3tag to EAC?

Thank you.

But: you can still rip the cd in EAC to a separate folder,
then load the old files and the new ones into MP3tag
then sort the files that the old ones and the new ones are separted, but in the correct logical order.
Then select all the old files, copy the tag data.
Then select the new files and paste the tag data.

Thank you, ohrenkino! :slight_smile: It will still save a lot of typing, especially when renaming classical tracks.