How to translate Mp3tag?


If you want to translate Mp3tag, just install the latest Development Build in your prefered language and copy the file English.lng from from the lang directory in Mp3tag's program directory to <YourLanguage.lng>.

Please note, that the order of the keys in this file must be preserved (_C_OK and so on), that placeholders like %artist%, %album% should not be translated. Other placeholders like %s and %d are filled with data at runtime and have to be preserved too. Please also note that you have to preserve the order of multiple placeholders (e.g. "%d and %s" needs to be in the same order in the translated string).

The language file is encoded with UTF-8 with BOM (Byte Order Marker).

Please don't hesitate to ask, if there are any questions!

Thank you very much!

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What is the ampersand, i.e. &, in the file for?


It denotes the character that gets highlighted in menus and dialogs if the user presses the [Alt] key to allow for quick access of this window element.