How to turn off track info

Hello, I want to use Mp3tag for just the album art association. How can I search for just album art without getting song tag information? The reason I want it turned off is because I want to quickly associate the album art and don't want to have to associate each song with the titles. If I do it quickly, the songs will get renamed, which I want to avoid. I've searched for album art downloaders and really like the way Mp3tag does it. The others don't give as much control.

AFAIK MP3tag comes with tag source scripts that only look for album art. I think they use Discogs, the Discogs ID or Musicbrainz.

I see this is a very powerful program. It's a shame the user can't have an option to turn off the tag renaming portion when it writes back to the file.

Thanks for the response though.

Were you looking for a way to get only the covers or for one particular implementation?
If you were looking for a way to get only the covers, then this function is implemented, you only have to select the right tag source script.

See "Tag Sources > Cover Art > Discogs" or "Tag Sources > Cover Art > MusicBrainz" for cover-only tag sources.

Thanks for the replies. I guess I had tried that but didn't realize it was different from Tag Sources\MusicBrainz. I see the difference now. Gonna get my music collection back in shape now!