How to use Action to put single quote into field

I was organizing, and wanted to have Albums tagged with literal text and %year%
Usually works, unless the literal text includes a single quote

Action = Format Value
Field = Album and
Format String = Hits of the '70s - %year%

But the single quote seems to cause nothing to be changed

If I take it out, I get Album = Hits of the 70s - 1970, but I'd like the single quote in the Album if possible

How should I format it? Thanks

Format String:
Hits of the ''70s - %year%

You can try to double the single quote.

If you can use the content of the tag ALBUM you could write %ALBUM% instead of the text "Hits of the '70s". The formatstring would look like
%album% - %year%

Doubling the single quote works great (I really did look in the Help file)


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