How to use [ and ] in title


How do I use the [ and ] characters in a title. If I put chr$A then I get A but if I put chr$[ I get an error and if I put chr$91 I get 91....


If you want to get the square brackets into a field by a format value action or something, enter the brackets in single quotation marks: e.g. '['%artist%']'

As for the $CHR function: you have to enter a value which represents the ASCII code for a particular character, e.g. $chr(32) will create a space, $chr(65) will show an A.


Read there ...
Square Brackets as Literals in Actions

... try out the following format string ....

$ord('[') $char(91) $char(93) $ord(']')

... and this ...

'Some Artist [new]' '['%ARTIST%']'



Thanks everyone - it's easy when you know how....... :w00t: