How to use quotation marks in actions

I want to create an action that inserts quotation marks around the title tag and results in the filename having the format: Album Tracknumber "Title".mp3

However, it seems that " is a reserved character and Mp3tag won't let me use it.

I have tried: %Album% %Track% "%Title%", but when I run that, the title appears without the quotations marks. i.e. as Abbey Road 03 Maxwell's Silver Hammer.mp3
rather than: Abbey Road 03 "Maxwell's Silver Hammer".mp3)

Is there any way that I can put quotation marks aound values in actions?

No. Not double quotes ("), but you could use single quotes (') if you like. The problem isn't that double quotes are reserved in Mp3tag, the problem is that they're not legal characters within Windows filenames. The illegal Windows filename characters are:

\ / : * " ? < > |

Thanks for your reply. However, I can't get single quotes (') to work either.

If my action is: Format value "_FILENAME": %Album% %Track% '%Title%'
the result is: Abbey Road 03 %Title%.mp3 rather than
Abbey Road 03 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer'.mp3
Single quotes appear to be a sign to Mp3tag to insert the tag type rather than the text the tag refers to.
I tested the basic syntax by trying "_FILENAME": %Album% %Track% $%Title%$
and that resulted in Abbey Road 03 $Maxwell's Silver Hammer$.mp3
So it seems that Mp3tag doesn't like single quotes either.

Is there a way around this one?

Check out the Help (bottom of the page). Try using ''

BTW, you can get something that looks like double quotes by doubling up the single quotes (use '''').

Thanks, using two single quotes before and after %Title% results in the title text being enclosed in single quotes.
Your suggestion of using 4 single quotes before and after %Title% also worked, resulting in the appearance of double quotes enclosing the title text.

Thanks again for your quick suggestions.

But this costs two characters of the filepath! (for decorative cosmetical view).