How to Use the Configuration Menu Option


It's not very clear how to use it.

When I go to open a stored configuration, I get this.

How do I open and load the configuration?

As the message in the screendump says:
"To reasteablish your settings extract the archive to "C:\User\micha\Data\Roaming\Mp3tag""

Nothing is happening.My saved Tag Values & Settings are not getting inserted into here.

You cannot save any values in a configuration.
The configuration describes the settings for the tag panel, file list etc.
If you want to save a certain set of values that are to be written to tag fields then create an action group with actions of the type "Format value" for the respective field and values.

The combinations of Titles, Artists, Albums, etc. are almost endless. This is what defines your music library and allows most players to browse through it more easily than a typical folder/file structure possibly could. What would be the point of saving one particular set to apply to every file?