How to view/display existing album art in music files using Mp3tag

Inexperienced Mp3tag user here. When viewing the list of mp3 music files of a given album (folder) of a singular band, Mp3tag is not displaying the existing album art of that album in the bottom left section of the program page. I know the music files do have album art embedded in them because I can see the album art when viewing the folder and its music files in Windows File Explorer.
What am I doing wrong in not being able to view the existing album art of music files in Mp3tag?

Use a filter (press F3 to see where you enter the filter expression) expression:
%_covers% MISSING
All the files that show up now do not have embedded pictures.
It could be that you have stray (hidden) files in the file system that Windows Explorer uses for display. But these files are not embedded.

You can get those picture and embed them:
Load the files
select the files
Click on "Actions (Quick)" and select as action type "Import covers from file".
Enter as
Format string: *.jpg
Click OK.
Toggle F3 to refresh the filter and see if any files are still displayed in the file list.
For these files you have to search for pictures to embed them.


^ Ohrenkino, thank you for that. Upon reading your info/advice, it quickly became evident that album art was not properly embedded in my music albums/folders/music files. Using Mp3tag I have embedded album art properly and have resolved the problem. All good now. :grinning:


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