How to visibly express support for and old unpopular case?


This is a real life example

I wanted to add more space to my only Multiline field, which I use for storing comments / info; which are often very long. So I went to Options and saw, that this is not definable. So I went to the forum, but instead of posting my request / suggestion right awat, I first searched the forum. And so I found this: REQ: Resize multiline tagpanel fields

Perfect right? I do not need to write down all my thoughts, as @Oblio did it almost 4 years ago, right? Well- no

If I resurrect that one post topic by replaying to it with something like I would also like to see that implemented or a simple +1, then @Florian will remove my answer on the basis on it having no content and on the basis of the availability of the hart system

And if I create a new thread about the same- it will also be removed as something that adds nothing to the case, that was already made

So how in such case [of an old request - and especially a lonely one] is the user of forum suppose to visibly bump up the case; to bring it to attention to other users potentially interested in the same feature?

Or was my hart, that I marked it with, seen by anyone beside me and @Oblio?


I'd say in such a case it's perfectly fine to reply and give some background on why this feature would be helpful in your case.

It'll bring the old suggestion back to life and others might jump in and give :heart: or comments that refine/add to the discussion.

It's a different case when a fresh topic gets a lot of +1's. There, I suggest we could try to use the :heart: feature, as it reduces the noise inside the topic and makes the support of other members here visible in a coherent way.


I just did. And took some effort to build the case for it

But what about if the conversation gets long and there are various points / sides to it. We bomb the thread with our own :heart: :heart:, giving one for every replay / issue that we agreed / disagree with? I guess yes, but it might lead to watering down of intended support