How to visualize iTunes "group" column on MP3tag?

hello verybody,
I need to change all the tags I wrote on the "group" column in iTunes, but it do not show up in the software. Could you please help me? I download Mp3Tag just for this and I am quite upset! I hope there is a way, thank you very much!

Check the extended tags dialogue with ⌘T and see which field name is used for the data.
The add a column for the field in the file list and/or that field in the tag panel as described in the documentation

Thank you very much, Ohrenkino,
I manage to add the "Grouping" field.

The action that I have to do is copying all the info from "grouping" to "album field. I did it with the function "import or copy tag from tag", and it worked out.

But now, if I open iTunes, the "album" field has not changed.. How to visualize now on iTunes the changes?

Thank you very much for your patience, I am a total ignorant on this topic.. thank you so much

see e.g. here:

thank you so much for your precious help,

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@Fabio A word of caution!
I use the grouping field extensively in iTunes. Please note that this is saved in different tags, depending on your file types.
mp3 files use the tag field %grouping%
m4a files (lossy or ALAC) use the tag field %contentgroup%

MotleyG, great tip thank you very much!

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