How to work with (sub)genres in foobar?

Okay, as the title says, how do you work with multiple genres? I'm a very detailed person and want my music to be categorized correctly. I'll give an example of my situation:

I mainly listen to metal, so I'll use that as a good example, because it confuses me more so than any other genre. And the music program I'm using is foobar2000. The band "Red Fang" according to metal-archives is Stoner Metal and Rock. So initially, this is how I tagged it: Metal\Stoner\\Rock. This is how it shows in foobar: you can see how tagging other bands shows up as well

I don't find that to be correct [this applies to other bands as well]. I wanted them to appear as separate genres. So if a band has multiple genres (e.g., Doom/Sludge metal), they'd show up under each one individually --- not "Doom, Sludge" as one genre. It occurred to me that Rock is the umbrella genre and that things should look something like this:

How would I go about tagging bands this way in mp3tag and it showing correctly in foobar? can it be done? or am I better off just placing each band with one genre and going about it that way? A good example that also has me baffled currently is the band "Kadavar", they're Stoner Rock (metal), Hard Rock and Psychedelic rock. I'd rather them be tagged with each genre as I showed in the example. I don't know how to just... pick one when they have more than one genre incorporated in their music. Is this even possible?

Thanks for any feedback.

It all depends on the player: it has to cope with the entries in GENRE.
You can create multiple fields of the type GENRE (which, I think, you already did withMetal\Stoner\\Rock: here Rock should be separate from Metal\Stoner as MP3tag uses \\ as indicator that you have 2 fields of the same kind).
Still, I think it is the track that belongs to a certain genre, not the band.
So it should be easy to put "Sludge" into genre for one track and Doom for the other.
Actually, I do not think that any player has a listing of Genre by Band. You will always see the genre and then all the tracks with that feature but never a listing of bands and a summary of all the genres.

So try multi-value fields and see what they do for your requirements.