How to write ID3v2.4 TSST frame?


i'm trying to get mp3tag 1.7.8 (79) to write the ID3v2.4 TSST ('set subtitle') frame to an MP3 file.

i've configured a tag mapping for this from DISCSUBTITLE (which is how i refer to this tag in Vorbis comments):

i've configured the tag in the tag panel:

i've added the 'Disc Subtitle' tag to a file:

this all appears to be working fine. however, if i inspect the file's tags using Mutagen (a Python music tagging library), it looks like Mp3tag actually wrote the subtitle to a custom frame called 'TXXX:TSST':

>>> from mutagen.id3 import ID3
>>> a = ID3('Blutengel/2009 - Schwarzes Eis (Limited Edition)/CD1 - Schwarzes Eis/01 - Behind The Mirror.mp3')
>>> a.keys()
>>> a["TXXX:TSST"]
TXXX(encoding=<Encoding.UTF8: 3>, desc='TSST', text=['Schwarzes Eis'])

how can i make Mp3tag write to the correct TSST frame instead?

You have to chose the correct Mp3tag-internal field (SETSUBTITLE) in the tag-panel.

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aha: i removed the tag mapping, and instead added a tag mapping for DISCSUBTITLE > SETSUBTITLE and now everything seems to be working fine for both FLAC and MP3 files.


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