- How to write on this forum in a separate line PAUSE MINUS PAUSE

I cannot figure out, just how to write something as simple as [what you would read as]

pause minus pause

Or in other words: how to insert into a post a new line which starts with a pause, then is followed by anything and then it ends also with a visible pause?

I always get the pauses removed; or a block of text completely re-arranged / formatted. The old forum had this option for block of code, where you could write exactly what you wanted and with many pauses

What do you mean with "pause"? A space?
Like this:

- Bla - bla - bla with a leading and ending space and spaces between the words?

Just type 3 spaces in front of your text and dont forget to press enter for a new line before the text and the spaces start:


I mean empty space

I want "a "hypothetical" / "invisible" character, followed by minus sign, followed by another empty space