How would I trim "comments" to erase everything before */ /*?

I have duplicate data in comments section, each set of duplicates is separated by / /, how would i trim everything before / /, including the first */ ?

Ive tried looking it up in the forums but couldn't find anything that worked.. note, I'm not much of a scripter, so please go easy on me :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Do I unterstand you right:
You want to keep 1 "/" in front of the comment-text and by "trim" you mean erase?
Or do you want to remove white space before the "/".

I think it would be best if you could post example content from the comment field in question enclosed in backticks `, e.g., `my comment` and mention what should be preserved after trimming.

You could try either an action of the type "Merge duplicate fields but use a different separator than \\
or and action of the type "Remove duplicate fields" to keep the first found field of the given name.

This only works if the fields are separate fields and displayed with \\ as separator and not — as stated in the OT — with //. That's why I was asking for a concrete example.

Thank you for the reply guys..

Here is a sample
/* Morning / Chill / Vocal / / Morning / Chill / Vocal */

Currently the comments section looks like this, I just want to keep one set of these tags, removing second set which starts at second /*

Tried that, no luck..
It has to be in separate fields

Then perhaps an action "Format value" for COMMENT may be better:
Format string: $regexp(%comment%,.*?\*\/(.*),$1)

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Thank you SOOOO much! That worked like a charm! :slight_smile:

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