howto filter-out a specific word or string



At this moment I am trying to retag all my MP3's with the right genre. For this I need to be able to filter-out the files I have processed so far. Un fortunately I cannot find an easy way to do this.

When I alter the genre-tag of an MP3, I allso change the Comment-tag to 'Retagged Genre by me"
This way it should be fairly easy to filter out the string in the Comment-tag in order to hide the files I altered so far.

Could somebody tel me how to use the filter to hide certain strings (like 'Retagged Genre by me' in the comment-field) instead of showing them?


The filter uses regular expressions. Unmatching a string is a bit complicated.
Maybe you just sort your files by the comment, then you also see what aren't yet tagged.


Thanx for the reply!

Right now I am doing the moderations the way you described it. I sort the list on Comment and from there I select all of the songs that match one single Genre. When I have worked my way throuhg the entire list I click the 'save' button.

The problem lies in the selecting part. My list of mp3's is about 2.000 songs at this moment (28.000 more to come). Some files allready have correct genres, some don't. For me it would be much easier to sort this table on Genre and hide the files that I have processed earlier on. This way the files that were not processed but do have a genre tag are grouped together nicely, leaving out the ones I've judged so far..

So I was just wondering if somebody knew the way to use the filter in a way that it hides the word or string I am feeding it. for example simply by using a character "^" proceding the search string or something like that.
(But this question comes awfully close to requesting boolean funtionality i believe)


You could also sort first by comment, and then by genre.
Anyways, this will show all files that do not have the word Retagged in their comment:

Filter: wie eine negative Auswahl treffen