HowTo read the NOTATION Value in mp3 files?

Hi, I'm new in mp3tag and all notes I've read look complicated to me (although I have used RE in the past) ...

Question is pretty simple: mp3tag does not show the notation value (the 5 stars), and it is the main reason why i use it : to be able to change this value and then reimport the mp3 file metadatas into Windows Media Player.

Help please.
A french guy, Philippe.

See the help on possible fields:

I think you are looking for POPULARIMETER.
Please note that a number of programs neither read this field from files nor do they write any modification of that field back to the files.

Hi, thanks a lot for your answer.
Do you allow me to ask 1 or 2 more questions ?

Starting from this table, I was able to add an extended tag : "RATING WMP".
By setting a value of "2", we then get2 stars in windows explorer (field "Notation")
Exactly what I need, but ... I have to add this extended tag for every song

How do I ask mp3tag to read this Tag for all songs of all albums ?
I read the doc pages, but it's written by experts for experts, no examples

Thanks a lot.

Which one did you read?
You can add fields to the tag panel and/or as a column
See the help on the customization of the tag panel: Tag Panel – Mp3tag Documentation

See the help on columns: File List – Mp3tag Documentation

The field that you add is then %rating wmp% in a column as value and field or RATING WMP in the tag panel.
To add the same rating for several files:
load them
select them
enter the data either in the tag panel or the extended tags dialogue
save the modification.