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Hallo, ich möchte in meiner HTML Datei die Anzahl der Alben und eventuell die Anzahl der
verschiedenen Interpreten anzeigen lassen. (Ich benutze die mte - Datei von squonk, wo in
einer Kopfzeile jeweils die Anzahl der Tracks, Gesamtdauer aller Tracks und der Festplattenbedarf
angezeigt werden) Kann mir jemand helfen ? Gondrikeshem

Translation by moderation:

Hello, I would like to have the number of albums and maybe the number of the various artists in my HTML file. (I am using the MTE file from squonk, which displays the number of tracks, the total play time of all tracks and the size in the column headers). Can somebody help me? Gondrikeshem


You can make this for artists:
$loop(%artist%,1)$loopend()%_max_counter% $ifgreater(%_max_counter%,1,Artists,Artist)

And this for the album loop:
$loop(%album%)$loopend()%_max_counter% $ifgreater(%_max_counter%,1,Albums,Album)

They are simple loops and you can also create subloops.

Great, that is exactly what I meant !!! Thank you for your quick answer !!! Gondrikeshem


In english can you tell what problem you have it and is resolved, seems interesting


I am using a modified mte file from squonk. The html file lists the used space,duration and
the number of tracks and I wanted the number of artists and albums to be listed, too. The code
from SquallLeonhart38 works great. If you are interested in more information, please post again.
Greets Gondrikeshem


If you are posting in the German forums, please stick to German. :slight_smile: I am moving this to the English section and translating the original post to English.