html export artist/album/track with VA


My export was very much inspired by danos extended albumlist export file.

Unfortunately I didn't like how it handled Various Artists directories.

Now it deals regular albums like danos variant, but when a directory starts with "VA -", it collects all of them under the artist name VA.

I use the following directory naming scheme: "artist - year - album" or "VA - year - album"

I have a need for the md5 and crc checksums, but if You don't then you can remove them, because it makse exporting a hell of a long procedure.

If anyone sees mistakes or bugs then let me know.

There could be added an additional VA check like "Various Artists", but I don't have a need for that.

In case it is vital for someone, and he/she wants it, then I could add it. Again let me know.

All comments are welcome.

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