HTML Export Hangs Frontpage 2003



Just downloaded your utility, so far so good, I really like it.

I'm having a problem trying to edit the HTML produced by the export function. It hangs my MS Frontpage 2003 everytime.

System configuration: 370mb ram, Windows XP Pro SP 2, PIII 1GHtz.

Any ideas?

Best regards,



Well, this seems to me like a FrontPage 2003 issue. The HTML that is produced by MP3Tag is in no way different than a HTML that you would write yourself.

Does this happen with any of the other HTML exports that are available for download?


Hello Sebastian,

It's odd isn't it? FrontPage works fine with all other HTML, created by me or by others, downloaded or otherwise.

It's only the HTML of the library created by the Export function of Mp3tag.

Very odd.