HTML export number of albums help

I need to add this feature to my export configuration and I am stuck.

This is the idea: In the box where the album title is, add a line for each album that counts the number of albums and reads for example:

  • Album 6 / 23

I understand how to generate the 6, but the 23 remains a mystery to me...

The placeholder %_max_counter% does not work in this config and there is no global placeholder to total number of albums, just for total number of files and total file size and total playing time.

Am I missing something?
I will be very grateful for any help anyone can provide.

Screenshot of sample html page displaying album counting error

Here is a thread that deals with the export of totals:

Thank you so much for your suggestion ohrenkino, but I decided to go on a different path.

After playing around with the export configuration code for a while, I thought the easiest way for me to solve this "pain in my neck" was to make use of the local storage built into the web browser.

And, I have found a solution that works for me.
The code is not very elegant but it seems to do the job required.
I will leave it here for your consideration.
It's just a first working code, feel free to improve it.

html_sasori_en_WithoutPlayButton_v2.mte (3.2 KB)

Screenshot of the same previous html page displaying album counting accurately

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