html export question


Compliments on a great program!

I have created a html export based on these 2 exports


It gives a list of multiple albums and works quite nicely.

The problem is with compilation albums which have various artists. The html contains an artist ref for each album which it takes from the tag from the first track in the album.

Is there any way to check if the artist varies within an album and then report back
"Various" instead of the artist from the first track if artsist is not the same for each track. Kind of like a function that checks each track against the first track and then decides based on that what to output...


I would personally use ALBUM ARTIST in my tags and then use that field for looping in the export.

thanks for the reply Sebastian but could you explain further. I don't understand how your suggestion helps..

Well we use this tag to indicate that an album is a sampler:
ALBUM ARTIST = Various Artists

So I can check for VA albums with $if(%ALBUM ARTIST%,yes,no)

And all my VA album folders start with VA- so I could also check %_directory% if the first 3 letters are VA-

thanks dano, Sebastian, I'll give that a try