HTML Export


hi guys I'm new to this board

first I want to thank for this great great program which helped me very much in organizing mp3 files.

now my problem:
I have a big mp3 library and I tried to export it with the exporting mte from dano(works great!)
But I don't know how to add a new album to this html list. Every time I load my mp3 folder with all the subfolders it takes a long time to load these.
I wish there was a script or so that it automatically adds a new folder to my html list.
(like winamp library does)

Do you know what I mean?

Please help


Sorry, but this is not possible without re-exporting your whole collection.

~ Florian


Hi methead!

You can export the second folder to a new file and add it manually to the first one, if you don't know, how to do this, just ask :wink: