html_jd style

I have combined the export templates "html_dano album list itunes style" and "dano_List_Album_js_ex".

At first I have to give a little info about the system I have stored my music.
All is sorted as Artist/Album/[Disc].
Additional info is stored in Album (Folder.jpg, [album name].m3u) and in the Artist folder (Artist.jpg, Info.txt, All.m3u).

Clicking on the numbering opens/collapses the sections for for showing the albums or the tracks.
Despite that clicking on the Artist plays All.m3u or clicking on the album name plays the whole album.
Clicking any title...

Of course there is still something that could be made better but maybe some of you like it already.

html_jd_style__final_.rar (28.8 KB)

html_jd_style__final_.rar (28.8 KB)

Works best in Chrome.

A little update:

Now if an artist pic, a cover or the info.txt is not available there is shown an alternative pic. The three pics included have to be copied to the export folder.
Additionally the album order is sorted by year.

Removed the output of Artist if each track has the same artist - otherwise Various is written.
Corrected any apostrophes in album/artist variable used for "document.getElementById"
A bug in folder for artist's pic and info is corrected.

Bigger fold/unfold and play moved onto notes icon.
The 3 pics don't need to be copied to the outputfolder. They can remain in the export folder of MP3tag.

Update 3:
Artist's pic and info is now found everytime.
number of discs is shown
Subfolder name of multiple discs is shown
internal music player now opens a new tab instead of the active one.

Now it shows correctly in Chrome (best!), IExplorer, Firefox and Comodo Dragon. Others not tested but should work, too.
Special chars are now escaped
Some minor output corrections.

html_jd_style__final_.rar (28.8 KB)

html_jd_style__final_.rar (28.8 KB)

For easier changes I have separated a version for Chrome users and one that works on every browser.
"document.write" seems to be too complicated under some circumstances...

It's a pity that "<object data= ... " does not work in Firefox and IExplorer :angry:

As latest edition there is added:

  1. Zooming the pics on mouse-over
  2. added %STYLE%
  3. added %MUSICBRAINZ ALBUM TYPE% (prefered) or %DISCOGS_FORMAT%

On both scripts there is one line to change manually:
Line 90: if the artist's pic has a fixed name ("Artist.jpg")
Line 91: if the artist's pic has the same name as the artist's folder ("Beatles.jpg")
The not used line can be deleted or put before the needed one.
Using %artist%.jpg is no solution for special chars in the name like AC/DC for obvious reasons.

html_jd_style__separated_.rar (31.7 KB)

html_jd_style__separated_.rar (31.7 KB)