HTML sorting artist albums by year

I've been looking around the forum for days and haven't been able to locate the solution I'm looking for about an HTML export question. Help with this would be greatly appreciated.

I'm using a modified version of html_squonk (no major mods) and I would like multiple albums by one artist to list in chronological order. Currently it seems to key on alpha folder order. I think that it can sort this, but I don't know enough markup language to figure out the string. Right now, the loop string is $loop(%_folderpath_rel%). I want the html to continue to sort first on artist, then year (rather than artist-alphabetical album). The folder structure that I have is <Artist - Album>. Again, thanks for any help with this.

Oh, just thought of one more thing - if the album artist %band% is "Various Artists", I think that it can just continue to sort by alphabetical album.

Thank you.

Your request sounds to me as not to be a question how to script HTML code, but a question how to script with the Mp3tag scripting language in the Mp3tag Export section, in special ... how to script a nested loop.

This is just an example how it can work as simple text output ...

1: $filename($getEnv('USERPROFILE')'\Desktop\Mp3tag.Report.txt',UTF-8)

3: $loop($left(%YEAR%,4))$left(%YEAR%,4)
4: $loop(%ALBUM%)%ALBUM%
5: $loop(%TRACK%)%TRACK%' - '%TITLE%' - '%ARTIST%' - '%ALBUM%' - '%YEAR%
6: $loopend()
7: $loopend()$loopend()
8: $loopend()

... you have to put the HTML code around the Mp3tag code skeleton.
Note: The tag-fields ARTIST resp. ALBUMARTIST, ALBUM, TITLE, YEAR, TRACK must contain their proper content.