since a few days ago i can't connect to amazon anymore, i been doing some research and i can tell that is not firewall/router bloking problem (i already check that) cause i can connect to the other servers like freedb, discogs and musicbrainz so.. is not working???
somebody with the same problem? by the way i have windows 7 and mp3tag 2.44d and i can confirm that i have the same problem with ver. 2.44 help. :frowning: thanks in advance

This combination (actually) works for me - not really a help for you, sorry.

Got an even worse problem:

2.44 and 2.44d no connection to amazon, discogs, and musicbrains. Only freedb works.....

even with fully disabled xp firewall - no luck....

no other firewall active

I´m online via hspda/hsupa umts - modem at 7.2 Mbit/s

Any idea?

I have the same problem here, I'm using 2.44 and no connection to amazon,discogs and musicbrainz.

I'm using Windows XP and with Windows 7 I had the same problem.

I've also the same problem with and

Are there any news?

SOLVED (at least for me)...

The problem was caused by the internal image caching mechanism of my hspda/hsupa umts provider. I had to lower the compression value at the access software which came with my umts modem to make it work again.