Huge suggestion / request for horizontal tag panel design enhancement


Issue MP3Tag isn't set up for horizontal placement of the tag panel

Feature ideas: Horizontal positioning of the tag panel, field size, and other design additions.

Suggested ideas

  1. Set up a menu to go between vertical and horizontal positioning
  2. Field size isn't set up for horizontal. (Too large across the screen)
  3. Album art placed on the left or right of the fields (user choice) instead of the bottom.
  4. App to remember the horizontal field setup as it remembers the vertical.
  5. Configuration to save both the vertical and horizontal layouts

I am not quite sure what has happened on your PC, but my tag panel looks different in horizontal mode

  • it has several columns.
    And the number of columns varies, depending on the available vertical size and horzontal size.
    So I would play around with the field sizes.

Looking at the red x in the top right corner, I assume that you have detached the tag panel from the main window.
You get a better layout (I think) if you attach the tag panel to the main window. This is also possible in a horizontal layout.

It sounds like I need to re-register the program on Windows 11. I forgot to do that after a restore point. I'll see if that fixes the issue.

That didn't fix the issue. I don't know what's wrong with it.

I can reproduce what you have - as I said: you have detached the Tag Panel WIndow from the main window.
To get something like my layout you have to

  • grab the tag panel window title
  • move the tag panel window over the MP3tag main window and move it around there until you see that the window rectangel it changes its shape, e.g. higher than wide or wider than high.
  • release the mouse when the window rectangle has the right shape.

I tried this. I think why it's not working for me is that I have a second monitor and the right side of rectangle is on the other monitor.

I'm going to mirror the second monitor and see if I can get this to work

The trick would be to merge the window parts on one monitor and then drag the main window so that it stretches over both.

I believe the bug is in my windows 11. I'll need to do a clean install. Thanks for your help.

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