I am curious if a few things are possible with mp3tag

I am curious if the following things are possible with mp3tag

  1. The ability to disable mp3tag to open files on double click. I often accidently double click then I have my fully loaded mediaplayer loading and it is a minute or two before I can resume editing.

  2. Auto numer files using regex,

Here is what I mean by this,

I will use the following examples,


but I want them to be

abc 01.mp3
abc 02.mp3
abc 03.mp3

I can use the replace with regular expression action and use the following settings

regular expression:

replace matches with

the files will look like this

abc 0
abc 0
abc 0

I am wanting to know if it is possible via regexp or something else to get mp3tag to add the 1,2,3 at
the end of the files (something that would add numbers and increase them 1 by 1)

  1. Im mp3tag if you double click the blank space after a field it will open a quick edit to that field, I am curious if there is a hotkey that would move me to the same field to the previous or next file but with the quick edit opened on the field that I was editing on the previous file.


I am editing the TITLE field of a file via quick edit, I hit the hotkey, now I am editing the TITLE field of the next file.

Thanks for such a wonderful app

  1. Go to "Options > Tools" and change "Default tool" to - No Action -

  2. Action: Format value
    Format string: $replace(%_filename%,:, )$num(%_counter%,2)

  3. Do you mean the tag panel on the left side?
    Try Ctrl+N. But you must save the tag before you do this or enable the option "Save tags when using arrow-keys/single mouse click" at "Options > Tags"

Thank you for the reply,

if no trouble, could you please give me the steps needed to produce
$replace(%_filename%,:, )$num(%_counter%,2) (i.e. what functions should I click, in what order)

also, for #3, actually i was not referring to the tag panel, I have included a screenshot to help explain what I am referring to


this is what I meant by 'quick edit', I would like to know if there may be a hotkey to jump to the next row with the same field selected for edit.

  1. I don't know why you ask for this, you can just paste that string. Or you click on Functions first and then add the Information field

  2. Ok let's call it file view or columns view.
    Go to "Options > General" and select [x] Automatically select next file when editing in file view
    Then you jump to the next file by pressing Enter

03 works perfect, thank you.

also for 2, the reason I ask is I thought that that string was specific to the files I listed, would like to know how to do on any files in the future as well,

I am thinking maybe $replace(%_filename%,:, )$num(%_counter%,2) but just replace the : with whatever I am actually replacing at the time?