I am Having Trouble Authorizing Discogs

I am having an issue authorizing Discogs. When I try to access discogs either to tag or add album art, it asks for an authorization code. It used to direct me to Discogs website in my browser and I'd find the code and paste it in and all would be good to go. But now, it doesn't do anything. The prompt is there and it does not re-direct me. I tried doing it manually with a token on Discogs but it did not work. I revoked all previous authorizations for Mp3tag on Discogs but to no avail.

A few other things I have noticed is when it prompted me to install the new version, clicking to update took me nowhere. It used to take me to the new version to download. I had to manually go there. And quite a few options under Help does not work and loads nothing. Not sure what is going on as this has been going on for a few weeks and I have tried everything, even installing old versions.

Hopefully someone can help. Thanks!

Checking for a new version without any response is a good indicator that MP3tag is blocked from Internet access. (If you search for updates, you should get a message box that tells you that there is nothing new or so).
So check your local settings, esp. the firewall, and allow MP3tag to access the internet again.

I guess I should have worded that better. When I now click on Check For New Version, it brings up that I have the latest version.

What I really meant was when I had a pop up some months ago that there was a new version of Mp3tag available, clicking on the button to Update Now did nothing for me. So I had to do it manually. I have also noticed that after installing, it does not bring me to the Mp3tag page thanking me for using the program, either. Quirky stuff going on. I have allowed Mp3tag access to inbound and outbound connections. I never had this issue before a few weeks ago.

Could it be that you have no standard program for internet links?

Man thank you so much!! I went and sent Google Chrome for my default program and it added 23 defaults and now it works perfectly. I honestly never would have thought of that if you had not mentioned it!