I can't run mp3tag


tonight i wanted to run mp3tag but i couldn't. i tried to uninstall it (that's what i did) and then install the newest version just after downloading it, but i couldn't run it. Now, i can't uninstall the new version because the application (uninstall.exe) doesn't work, and same if i delete all files. i also got some problems when i try to run mp3tag.exe: Windows crashes.

can someone help me please?

Same here - the file mp3tag.exe cant be opened, when I click on it nothing happens. This thing happened to me couple of days ago and I tried to install the new version, didnt help.

Only difference is that my Windows doesn't crash...

I've the same problem I guess. I'm installing this software to a new laptop and since the first run, the program just open and close itself in less than one second. If I watch the xp process window, I can see that the program start and then it closes itself. One thing I've noticed is that it doesn't create the usual data folder under the %appdata%\mp3tag. How do you solved your problem? Thanks for your help it's very appreciated.