I copyed long time al lot of song with no tags i see now

I Found a usenet a long time ago -+ 800 song and many of them have no tags.
How can i get them

Don't know.
Do the filenames give any hints which tracks you might have?

some of the names
must be music by discogs i found there a lot i think is the name of the vynal. But i don't now the correct name of the song

house calls is a other with no tags
and so the are a lt with no tags

The reason why I asked:
There is the function Convert>Filename-Tag
in which you can define in which tag field which information from the filename should be stored.
You can recycle this information from the filenames and even the file path.
Otherwise: MP3tag needs at least some information. MP3tag does not listen to the audio part and does not guess what the file may represent.

They bild the directory lik this
E:\Muziek op e\800 Vinyl 12 Inches\Vinyl 12 Inches - T tm Z\Taja Sevelle - Popular (12'')
And when you open the phat than i see de name of the song as file name.
How can i get them in the tags.

I think that the last part has probably the most information. To get the data from
Taja Sevelle - Popular (12'')
into the tags, use the function "Convert>Filename-Tag.
Enter as
Format string: %artist% - %title%
There is a preview that shows you what the result will probably look like.

And if you want to know more information, you can online search for it.
Example: https://musicbrainz.org/search?query=Taja+Sevelle+Popular&type=recording

You will eventually find:
or on Discogs:

i think you have not good under stood is the path hat is the name or the artis