I don't get it.


I think I've tried just about every mp3 renaming utility out there and it's always been a royal pain. Mp3Tag certainly stands out and I consider it the best tool available. But with that being said why doesn't it have defaults that handle the mp3 scene standard for filenames ? Give some performatted choices of what to turn that filename into ? all these tools behave like everyone is only ripping there only cd's which is a falacy. It's great that mp3tag is so customizable but it's overwelming for something that should be such a simple task. I literally can rename faster by hand at times !

So may I suggest a "Action" is created for scene releases ? and under the "Standard" one include a list of groups names for removal ? I could supply a list of 200-250 of those. I can't imagine anyone cares for them.

Am using $num(%track%,2) - %artist% - %title% with a a action to replace underscores to spaces but it often chops half the title :frowning:

would be
01 - Carl Cox - Partynight (Radio 538) 05-08-2.mp3
when I'd want something like
01 - Carl Cox - Live Partynight On (Radio 538) - 05-08-2005.mp3
I'll figure it out, the help file is very good, but again overwhelming I find.


We certainly won't put anything in the program that is specially made for illegally obtained files.


You write a file renamer for files, that the only reason someone would need it, is for files obtained, shall we say in a gray area, depending on where you reside of course. If some is making 'backups' of a cd they already own, those programs already take care of the filenames.

So by ignoring what I suggested your saying you intentional plan to limit how effective your program can be. For what possible reason ? I don't see how denying reality for what your program is targetted at you'd be do something wrong. Mp3's are released according to a number of specifications, one of which is the filename.

I just see this type of program being A LOT easier to use. Right now am having to select from a number of presets and test each one. That time really adds up when your dealing with thousands of files.

It would also be a way to differentiate yourself from among the dozens of similar programs. I can tell you having tested most of them that they are moreorless the sam, which is uneffective.



as dano already stated above, I won't add any scene-release specific action goups or naming schemes to the presets.

If you have problems with a specific task just ask here at the forums. If you like to share your work, feel free to post it - but please respect our decisions.

Best regards,
~ Florian


We don't limit the program, you can use all the possibilities it has.
Besides, this is the first request ever of this kind I think. I guess most people keep these files as they are.
Many also use the tags in the files to create new filenames.

Maybe you find the helpfile overwhelming, but there's just a lot to say :slight_smile: - and it's not even complete.

From what you posted I cannot cleary see how you approached the problem. Maybe you can explain better.
If the title gets chopped, could be it was too long for ID3v1 tag and the whole title is in a lyrics3 tag. Mp3tag cannot read this kind of tag, only indicate that it exists.


Yes it's VERY customizable, I would say that's the programs greatest strength.

Great to have but I was suggesting that there could be some default actions where you know files are named a certained way so based on that you have a choice of how there converted. Quick and easy. Having the preview in a dialog window would be better then luanching a external editor. If none of those work then you customise it. It's too involved a excerise the way it is now for me. One setting works great for a few albums then it's fifteen minutes on a single file ! hence the faster by hand bit. Back to a couple of albums then a file that the previous regex doesn't work on, so it's repeat all over.

I guess your right then about people keeping files the way they are :frowning: Oh well.

"If the title gets chopped, could be it was too long for ID3v1 tag and the whole title is in a lyrics3 tag"

Don't know, I'll look into that.

Oh a suggestion you'll like. A option to change the font and it's size would be most welcome. I find the filenames in the main window to be rather small. Thank you.