I Got Few Question About Multi Edit Tags

First, I Want Multi Change All Titles To Same File Name (Mean Titles = Filename) But I Can't Find Multi Tool to do this so i only can change each file can't multi all file i want... please some one teach me how to multi change titles all file...
Two, I going to test Flac File Mean trying add picture and edit album name ,etc . It Work good but some part it not work at all
Ex: When i trying put image song in to Flac file it succes but when i open it with Windows Media Player it still show nothing ... Or I try edit album name then go to WMP and open it album name still there not change at all then i go try other software and open tag i see picture was add , album name was edit with 100% success i open the song but still not work

To get the filename as title go to
Menu "Convert > filename - tag"

Enter %title% as format string.