I have something to ask on artist tagging

Hello there, guys

So, I wanna tag my files properly to group them up nice and easy on a player, whether it be on phones, computers, any music-playing device etc. I'm having more songs and finding them wouldn't get easier.

Some songs have multiple artists such as others being featured, and I want to know if an artist can get sorted out from the other featured artists that it can be recognized individually if I want to sort them by artists.

For example, Song is represented by X . Artist is represented by Y . Featured Artist represented by Z

Title X
Artist Y/Z

Because if I try to sort X by Y, I can't, because the player reads Y/Z as an individual. Is there any way to produce this so Y is counted solo, so that X also comes in when I sorted it by Y, and this X also comes in when I sorted it by Z? Is this even possible? Thanks in advance.

This depends more or less only on the abilities of the player.
AFAIK does Windows Media Player use "; " as separator between composers and artists, so that e.g.
Daryl Hall; John Oates
would make tracks appear under Daryl Hall and under John Oates as well.
You loose the "featuring", though.
iTunes takes the "; " literally.
So you have to experiment with the features of your player.

Thanks bro. I mostly play my tracks on phone because I go out oftenly. Do you know any music apps for android that support this?