I just want to say thanks

Florian, I have used your MP3Tag for several years now and it has improved my music library so very much. I have digitized many boxes full of CDs collected over prpbably 50 years now, and have purchased digital music to the point my collection has grown to just over 79,000 tracks. Right at the moment my music system from my office is in the shop for on/off switch repair. I don't download tag data any more, because I have used MP3Tag to clean it all up in my library and get things the way I want the tags. Especially in the early days of tags, the quality of the online data was very poor. At the worst my collection had over 350 different genres due to misspelling and messy data. But now it is all cleaned up and all I have to do is check new additions before they get added. Many thanks for your excellent work.


Many thanks for your kind feedback! Happy you like Mp3tag :pray:

This is the way :raised_hands:

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This IS the way.

And what a way it is!

I appreciate it too!!