i need a complicated regex code..to do this..

hi i am new to regex codes i made some easy codes they work good but this time i need a complicated code...

i am renaming my mp3 files with this programme i have written many codes it works well with them but i could't do somethin..for example..i want to change them like this:

FROM: Spacecore - I Want You Mario Van Core Mix).mp3
TO: Spacecore - I Want You (Mario Van Core Mix).mp3

FROM: Sensorica Feat. Omen - Another Day Endi Mix).mp3
TO: Sensorica Feat. Omen - Another Day (Endi Mix).mp3

FROM: Nu Nrg - Last Experience Digital Nature Mix).mp3
TO: Nu Nrg - Last Experience (Digital Nature Mix).mp3

how can i put the bracket to the right place? is that any code for that??

and i have another question now..i want the script to do that match with the phrase that doesnt exist what i have show it...for example i have some mp3 files like that...

Afternoon (Original Mix).mp3

this file doesnt exist "-" character so i wanna find this files and add "0000-" numbers before its name it will be like that after the process..

"0000-Afternoon (Original Mix).mp3"

so i will find mp3 files that have problems, i want this because it is too hard to find this type of files in hundred of files...

waiting answers...thank you