I need help with "Collections" album titles

I am working on my collection of "Garth Brooks" music and am currently getting the information for different albums from "Wikipedia.org" I have the "Garth Brooks - Blame it on my roots" set and I am taking the "Albums" and dating them and adding cover art and such.

Here is the problem the set is called "Blame it on my roots" but there are a few CD's in this set and the albums are called "Blue Eyed Soul", "Classic Rock", "Country Classics", "Melting Pot", "The Ultimate Hits Disc 1", "The Ultimate Hits Disc 2".

So here is the issue I'm having I will be changing the "filename" to the "title" and I will also be using the "Album Titles" as well. So how do I use a "Album Name" when wikipedia dose not have info for them.

I can't find the release dates for each album plus should I just use the album titles "Classic Rock" or should I call it something like "Garth Brooks - Classic Rock" and how would I including in the information that its from a "set".

You could search on other online sources like MusicBrainz or Discogs

There you find the Box Name as
Blame It All on My Roots: Five Decades of Influences
with the following CD names:

This sources also show the release label and release date as

It's up to you how to include this informations in your tags and then rename your files and folders with the help of your metadata. (You could use the existing websource scripts to collect this informations or add it manually).

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