I need help with setting up the auto tagging

Hi. I want to automatically tag my forever expanding music library. I used to do this by hand, but it took like forever.
During doing this by hand I came up with a comfortable scheme that I would like to somehow apply to a program to do the job now, example:

File name:
{author name} - {song name} {(Ft. names)} {[name Remix]}

Song Metadata:
{song name} {(Ft. names)} {[name Remix]}
Contributing artists:
{author name, author name, author name}
{album name}
Album name for singles:
{song name} - Single

And that's all the info I want tagged on a song, all the other stuff like comments, genre, number, etc. should be deleted

The thing is, I have no idea how to do that. So here I am

Do you want to import data from the filename?
Then see

Do you need some help on getting your hands on MP3tag?
See the help:
Are you looking for external sources to complete the data?
Then see

The Tag to Filename is pretty good once I download the data from Discogs. Kinda wish I could automate it all thought, cuz as of right now I have to go 1 by 1 and verify everything. Still, this is waaaay faster than doing EVERYTHING by hand like I usually did

You may run the converter once you have applied all the tag changes - so you don't have to repeat that for each track individually.

Tagging with the weg sources is album-oriented. So you can tag all tracks of an album in one go and don't have to repeat it for each single track.

The data downloading via discogs is pretty wonky once I try to use it on multiple files, even on 2 it gets the naming wrong

As I said: you have to do it album by album.
It is not possible to use the tag sources on several albums at once.
The quality of the data in the web sources is beyond MP3tag's controle.

Alright, still. It gave out wrong names after selecting 2 songs from the same album for some reason

Guess I have to have all the files from an album for this to work correctly?

No, usually you can (manually) align the data list from discogs with the filenames.

Eh, guess it will be faster to just rename the files by hand then, again. The TAG - Filename is great tho

Thanks anyway. I'll ask here for help when I'll have problems with trying out the other options, cheers