I need help with tag conversion



First of all, Mp3tag kicks ass. No question.
But I've run into a kink in the version I'm currently running.
In an older version of Mp3tag I was always prompted when converting (certain files) from Tag - Filename. Those files had double quote marks (") in one of the tag areas like title. Every time I tried to convert an entire album, I was prompted to change the filename because it contained quotation marks. From which I would simply change the double quote marks to single quote marks. With the version I have now (2.37a), not only am I not prompted, but the quotation marks are not converted at all. They are just removed in the conversion process. Here's how it goes:

Example: title = I'm in love (feat. Mr. "Dude" Smith)
It converts the filename to = I'm in love (feat. Mr. Dude Smith)
What I want is = I'm in love (feat. Mr. 'Dude' Smith)

So how do I go about fixing this?