I need to know how to do that...


Hello all...
I have all my songs in this form...

  • Nicky Romero vs EBTG - Missing camorra ( Dj Spy Bootleg )
  • OtherView & Consoul Trainin - Wonderwall (LIvin R & K Mass Mix) Vocals by Gabriella Ellis
  • Pink Noisy feat. Radio Killer - Mestral (Consoul Trainin Radio Remix)

Its the artist first and the title of the song after the dash...
And i would like to make the songs with correct tags because i use a Dj software program and i can see only the title and not the artist... I used to do it before i format my PC but i dont remember the comand...thnx for the support!!!


I assume that you refer to the filename.
For this you can use the converter filename-tag and the mask:
%artist% - %title%


Thank you very much!!!this is what i was looking for...Thnx again :stuck_out_tongue: