I need to obtain cover sizes in iTunes instead of mp3tag

Hi guys, I have more than 50K files, so mp3tag takes real long to load them and crashes.
I have a vbscript that generates an Excel file that I load into SAS to play with.

My question is, can anyone tell me what are all the tags that itunes have for use with vbscripts?
I know it has tags such as Album, artist, sortartist, and so on, that I can add to my file,
but I was wondering if iTunes also looks at artwork sizes, may it does, after all, it doesnn't group
two files of the same album together if the covers are found to be different.

If anybody can give me a complete list of tags that I can retrieve from iTunes in a vbscript,
or at least this particular one that helps. Thank you.
Below is what I know iTunes provides:

Set iTunesApp = CreateObject("iTunes.Application.1")
Set sources = iTunesApp.Sources

               objExcel.Cells(NumRows, 1) = track.Artist
               objExcel.Cells(NumRows, 2) = track.AlbumArtist
               objExcel.Cells(NumRows, 3) = track.Name
               objExcel.Cells(NumRows, 4) = songYear
               objExcel.Cells(NumRows, 5) = track.Album
               objExcel.Cells(NumRows, 6) = track.Location
               objExcel.Cells(NumRows, 7) = Artobj_Count
               objExcel.Cells(NumRows, 8) = track.Bitrate
               objExcel.Cells(NumRows, 9) = track.Time
               objExcel.Cells(NumRows, 10) = track.Rating
               objExcel.Cells(NumRows, 11) = track.Genre
               If ExtraFields Then
                  objExcel.Cells(NumRows, 12) = track.PlayedCount
                  objExcel.Cells(NumRows, 13) = track.Skippedcount
                  objExcel.Cells(NumRows, 14) = track.dateadded
                  objExcel.Cells(NumRows, 15) = track.grouping
                  objExcel.Cells(NumRows, 16) = track.SortArtist
                  objExcel.Cells(NumRows, 17) = track.SortAlbumArtist
               End If

Nevermind, I already did it, hehe. I had to use my creativity, perhaps not the best solution
but it definitely works.
Mmm, it's very slow actually, I save the cover to disk and then check its size in a script.
If somebody knows a better way to know where to retrieve this info, thanks.

Holy freaking moly, I was able to find a code that grabs the size, but it only works for JPG.
If anybody knows how to make it work for PNG (begin and end characters of PNG pictured embedded into track), let me know.
I only have those 2 types anyway.