i need to update my tags automatically

firstly i wanna congragulate the author of this software its amazing..and..i have a question..i have mp3 files without "year, genre,album" tags in my archive..i have tagged their artist,title tags' correctly i mean like this

FILENAME: 4 Strings - Into The Night 2006 (Paul Morrell Mix).mp3
ARTIST: 4 Strings
TITLE: Into The Night 2006 (Paul Morrell Mix)

FILENAME: Armin Van Buuren Feat. Racoon - Love You More (Vocal Mix).mp3
ARTIST: Armin Van Buuren Feat. Racoon
TITLE: Love You More (Vocal Mix)

something like this but i want to update ONLY "year, genre" tags of them from discogs database.. can i update all of them AUTOMATICALLY?? and if i can also update album, image tags it would be perfect...i dont want the title and artist tags to be changed...can i do that???

You can update the tags using discogs and re-import the title and artist via the converter Filename - Tag afterwards.

i know that but i want to update many files at the same time i dont have time to tag them one by one.. i have huge trance collection over 10000 songs..the program should update them automatically and i can make the tag to filename conversation later myself its easy part..when i try to get info from discogs for multiple files it just gets one of them...i need all to be tagged..

This is not possible at the moment.

ok thanks but will it be possible in the next version??

No, it's currently not on my todo list.